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The Women of Kathmandu Teej Dancing

The Red Sari

is a socially responsible fashion design company with a mission to create and sustain jobs for women in Nepal. For the women in this small South Asian country, jobs represent more than income – working liberates them from lives of isolation, builds confidence, and bestows status within their families and communities.


The Vintage Sari Collection, our signature line, is a result of our collaboration with a woman’s felting group in the Kathmandu Valley. Together we discovered the process of fusing wool fibers with vintage silk saris resulting in beautifully textured scarves and one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories.

Lives Connected

With each purchase, you connect to the lives of the women artisans in Nepal and play an integral role in supporting their quest for self-determination.  Give the gift of the story of the women of Nepal…share it forward.

Visit our other pages linked below to discover more about The Red Sari and the amazing women of Kathmandu.

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